Sunday, November 13, 2011

We all knew this day would come

Well, the semester is almost over for those of us who are scholastically inclined (wish I was one of those people), and that means that it's crunch time for those same people. I'll tell you what it means for me, about a whole truckload of stress.

I figured I rant about school enough and those few that read like to hear about other aspects of my life; This weekend was honest to God one of the better weekends of my life. For three reasons: Skyrim (pictured, I am the Dovahkiin, baby.), a really good party, and of course the reason for both is birthday.

Now, my birthday is on November 11th, and this year it was extra super special because of course the date was 11/11/11. (THAT IS PRETTY F*CKING COOL IF YOU ASKED ME.) I turned 21, so I was feeling real good for the duration of the weekend. Can't say I feel much different though, few do when they turn a new age... if anything, it feels worse getting that much closer to your relatively imminent death.

You aren't a kid anymore, I guess that's what hurts the most. Someone said that to me this past week and it cut to my core. Growing up is absurdly difficult for a lot of people, and for me it's been mostly a struggle. I'm pretty stubborn, so naturally I'm going to feel worse when things change and I don't like it, and of course they do all the time.

In short, I've discovered in my time here on Earth that this world is hard on people, and you need to adapt in order to carve your niche in it. That's a difficult thing to understand in itself, let alone to actually perform it. But once I do... it's going to be a stellar event, that is one thing I am certain of.

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