Sunday, June 10, 2012

'Rose Colored Glasses'

I see a lot of people I know that see things in a very strange light - events, people, all kinds of things seem to be a lot better to them than they are to me.

The line of thinking that I use says 'Am I really that down that I can't even make light of something good in someone else's life?' and the short answer to that is fuck no, I'm pretty far from depressed. I should know, too.

I just don't think doing the same thing as everyone else is very interesting... at all.

What is it about those particular people, events, things that are generally bland and uninteresting that makes everyone else look at them as the greatest thing since sliced bread? And no, this is not me putting everyone around me down, but looking at things without those pesky rose colored glasses on all the damn time. Seems like everyone has a few pairs on at any given time these days.

I hear about people in 'successful' collegiate careers and you know what I think? 'Gee, they couldn't think of doing anything actually interesting with their lives?' (not that I'm not one of them, but at least I don't flaunt my 'education' as much as my colleagues have been)

But of course, it's not their faults. They have to keep up that charade that their lives mean something, working themselves into sleep deprived, unhealthy, and 'educated' greatness for a chance (NOT a guarantee) that their lives will be better off in the long run.

Better off for who, though? The state? The university? The company you signed your life away for? WHOSE LIFE ARE YOU IMPROVING?!

What I'm getting at is this: I DO want you all to be successful, healthy, and happy people, but the fact of the matter is that many of you ARE NOT. Being 20 years young and doing stupid things goes hand in hand, but much of our generation hasn't done a damn thing about the future and expects literally EVERYTHING to be set in place for us. Perpetuating a bunch of selfish desires, flaunting your supposed 'individuality', as well as 'getting an education' do not account for real happiness - real achievement accounts for real happiness.

What it is perpetuating is the discord and destruction of this generation as a whole, and future generations to come, enough for the next century of men and to hate us for pushing the debt ceiling higher and higher, and making those special jobs you work so hard for fucking worthless.

Being a stupid drone and getting a specialized career document like everyone else does not mean you are a smarter person inherently. Smarter things - and cooler things - have been done before. Do something cool and innovative with your life and your children's children will thank you for it.

TL;DR version:
I just don't like the idea of working hard in college so your kids can go to college, and so on. PEOPLE DON'T NEED TO BE EDUCATED ABOUT INANE HORSESHIT TO GET THINGS DONE.

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